Finally a shop that cares more about the art than the money!

About Us

Our Roots

Founded in 2014 our mission has always been a simple one.  Concentrate on doing great art regardless of budget.  Our crew is super solid.  Four tattooers with the same mindset.  We don't want the best shop in Toledo.  We want the best shop in OHIO!

Are you Expensive?

Pricing for a tattoo should not be treated like shopping around for socks.  Your tattoo is more important than that.  We have a pretty straight forward philosophy.  If you like our work.  Tell us your budget and let us make you a piece of art for that price.

New Tattoo. Who dis?

Ultimately, it's all about being great together.  Toledo isn't that big.  So, we don't want to make waves with the other shops.  We want you to feel comfortable from a to z.  If we are the right shop for you, great!  If not, not harm no foul.  What can we do to help get you where you wanna go?


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